What Industries Use CNC Machinery – Everything You Need To Know!

CNC machining is highly preferred by many industries due to its ability to create accurate pieces with a computer program. Cooperation between computers and machines allows artisans to produce certain shapes and designs in a non-failure way with duplicate production.

Although CNC machining is crucial for some industries in terms of human health, our concern is woodworking in CNC machining. The area of usage may depend vary in accordance with the final product. The machines vary according to their usage areas and features.

Understanding Wood Properties

Wood is often preferred because it is an easier product to process than metal and other materials. There are three main categories of wood for woodworking, they are hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood.

  • Oak, birch, and maple trees can be counted as hardwood tree products. These kinds of trees are generally used for high-quality furniture, decks, flooring, and construction works.
  • Softwoods, which are less dense than hardwood, are easier to process than hardwoods. However, be aware that they are stronger than their names! Sometimes woodworking of softwoods is harder than hardwoods. Softwoods are generally used for furniture, the framework of window and door panes. It is also used in paper products.
  • Engineered wood is material held together by a binding agent. While some of these materials are easy to handle, the adhesive can also be abrasive.

What are CNC Machines Actually?

CNC machines are electronic mechanical devices that make easier shaping activity. The name CNC actually means “computer numerical control”. Many industries use CNC machines to arrange certain shapes and designs of final products.

How it Works?

Machines that can be used easily with computer programming help the same part to be produced more than once with zero margins of error. Likewise, a person who learns to use the program can easily perform an entire production by himself. Previous works and sketches can be saved, changes can be made on them, and the same product can be produced repeatedly thanks to this program. Unlike manual machines, the margin of error is very low, it is mass production, and it helps to obtain higher quality results.

What Industries Use CNC Machinery?

The industries that use CNC machines the most in woodworking are as follows:

  • Furniture,
  • Kitchen utensils,
  • Decorative household items,
  • Key chain,
  • Construction industry,
  • Ornamental items,
  • Musical instruments,
  • Paper industry,
  • Tables and frames,
  • Stationery tools,
  • Shipping industry,
  • Landscape,

Benefits of CNC Machinery

Although CNC machines may seem like expensive tools at first, they have many benefits in the long run.

  • Production is carried out error-free and serially,
  • The final result of the product can be viewed before production,
  • Error margins can be corrected,
  • It is more economical in the long run,
  • Does not require labor,
  • Someone who learns to use the program can easily continue the job.
  • CNC machines are safer to use compared to manual machines.
  • As they can remain durable for many years, they are not likely to fail and become inoperable.

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