Most Frequently Used CNC Lathe Machines in 2022

CNC lathe machines are specialized machines used in many sectors. Thanks to CNC machines, people were withdrawn from production and machines began to be used in wood cutting. These machines, which are frequently used on flat floors, can also be used on inclined surfaces. There are more than one model of the machines. You can easily find data about models from this article. You can get help from our article to buy wood lathe machines that you can use easily in your business. The following models include both simple and complex machines. Machines are divided into groups as axial, biaxial, triaxial and quadriaxial. Groupings were made depending on the functionality of the machines.

Axis Lathe Machines
Axis lathe machines that work in simple or complex ways are designed to be used in different businesses. Thanks to machines, businesses can achieve more efficiency with less manpower. This situation leads businesses to profit in the long run. There are different types of axial machines. The varieties are divided into groups as biaxial and triaxial. In two-axis models, it is tried to obtain more efficiency with less functions. In the three-axis model, more functions can be obtained.
Biaxial Device

The two-axis device
is the simplest designed lathe model. The double blade system in the machine will allow you to cut wood quickly. There is a system called “triangle cup” in the CNC wooden model. Thanks to this system, device owners do not change blunt blades with their hands. The automatic change of blunt blades in the machine will save you time. Two-axis devices have a great advantage over other devices. This advantage is that the cup blade can be used exclusively for roughing. Finer patterns are also processed with the triangular blade. The model, which has a 10-inch screen, weighs 1.5 kg. There is an easy adjustment apparatus in the mechanism of the device. To control the device, you can take half of the remote and complete your operations faster.

Tri-Axis Device
The three-axis device has more features than the two-axis device. The product, which has a useful design, meets the purpose of turning, similar to the two-axis devices. It is known that this model has many functions such as high emphasis, brand, assembly and patterned roving in addition to turning operation. There is no double blade in the CNC three-axis model. The deficiency in the system is closed by using a ball knife instead of a double knife. With this model, you can use the lükens foot model together and create the original models you want. The device’s 15 inch touch screen and automatic oil filling system will please you.

Four-Axis Device
The touch screen on the device is located on the side, not on the front. Many functions needed in businesses can be met with the four-axis device. Thanks to this machine, your turning operations can be completed completely. The four-axis model can quickly perform operations such as auger forming, roving, hollowing, crimping, drilling and branding. Servo motors can also be used on all axes with the machine. The high speed of the machine will allow you to handle your work easily. Working with a C-axis system, this model uses a special system to prevent power loss. This system is called the DIRECT system.

Five-Axis Device
The five-axis machine, which has a wound and irregular structure, has 4 jaws. The machine uses the DIRECT DRIVE system. The device can work between +90 and -90 degrees. The harmonic redactor carried by the device has a sensitive structure. The product is controlled by servo motors.

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